Official notice from Nerdah Mya

News Release

KNDO Announcement on Nigel Grier and his sham project

Mae Sot, Thailand: I’m Nerdah Bomya, leader of the Karen National Defense Organization. The Karen are an ethnic minority in Burma facing persecution from the Burmese.

I and the Karen people denounce the sham project called the Mu Aye Pu Development Company promoted by Nigel Grier that he claims is for the development of our area called Mu Aye Pu. He has no authorization to do this. In fact, he will be arrested if he sets foot on Karen soil for his crime of deceiving the Karen people.

We wish it to be known that Gier does not represent the Karen people in any way. We have been victimized by this person as he used our good name to enrich himself.

We are a very poor people with few resources and we can’t afford to hire lawyers to stop him, so we ask the business community and all good people to help get the word out about this person. We want him to leave us alone.

We wish to warn potential investors not to give him any money for this project. We don’t want any more victims.

Lastly, we would like to welcome investors and honest businesspeople to come to our area and invest as we have much to offer.

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Major General Nerdah Bomya

Chief of Staffs of Karen National Defense Organization